Monday, September 12, 2005


Just because the President rarely answers journalist's questions (and never ours) directly or honestly, that does not mean we should not pose them and share them with each other. So here are some of mine:

Mr. President:

Just how did you make your decision that the Federal Emergency Management Administration did not require managers with emergency management experience at its top levels?

Today, you told the press that you and the government can do two things at once. Which two are they?

Are you disappointed that the religious fundamentalist state that you are creating in Iraq is Islamic and not Christian?

When you were a kid did you like to take things apart? You seem to have a real knack for it. For example, you have done that really well to Iraq, to US constitutional democracy, to formerly well functioning government agencies, to the UN and to the awesome good will the international community had toward America after 9/11.

I saw you on TV riding around a desolate Gulf Coast town today in an open truck. Why don't you do that when people are around?

Does Cindy Sheehan have BO?

When you were in the National Guard (heh, heh) would you have volunteered to go to war if the President had not yet called up your unit?

Do you share your mother's view that being crammed into Camp Astrodome is "working very well" for the evacuees, who have lost everything, are separated from family and displaced from their homes, and who are now sleeping on cots next to thousands of others, "since they were underprivileged anyway"?


Gary Gray said...

i just forwarded your questions to FOX news. Maybe they can get some "fair and balanced" answers out of him.

Ronald Rington said...

I don't think Bush has an underling with enough guts to read the questions to him.