Monday, September 26, 2005


Is there not a single person in the Bush White House or Cabinet who has a clue, a heart, the sense, the honesty, integrity or courage to say "Enough is enough"? To break ranks? To quit in protest? Are they a cult? Brainwashed all, with no will of their own, marching in lock step? Is there not a single compassionate human being among them? What kind of person, whose sworn duty it is to defend the Constitution and to serve the American people, could observe the disastrous national and international results of four years of Bush policy and remain silent and committed? Does Karl Rove have them under some hypnotic spell? What explains this lemming-like, headlong rush to crash and burn?
How can Condoleeza Rice say with, a straight face, that she could not believe for a minute the inept Federal response to the victims of Katrina had anything to do with racism? She is an African-American woman with a Ph.D. She certainly knows the score. What possesses her to put loyalty to an exposed George Bush ahead of that to her brothers and sisters, for whom she could be a very valuable asset? What a betrayal! Something tells me the people she abandoned will remember this come next election.
And Chertoff, claiming not to know about the victims and their situation at the New Orleans Convention Center! Is that disinterest or simple incompetence? What is he saying to himself? Do these people sleep at night?
And Bush, responding to Paula Zahn's question about the delayed and chaotic Federal response, with "What went wrong"?
In my lifetime there has not been a more arrogant, bankrupt, dangerous and dishonest Administration in Washington than that of George Bush. He and his henchmen and women have brought shame on our country and promoted the perception throughout the world of America as an outlaw nation as a result of his aggression and occupation in Iraq.
We deserve much better than this bunch of unprincipled lowlifes. Since Congress is in Bush's pocket, impeachment, though deserved, is unlikely. The Democrats are still nowhere to be found. So it falls to the American people to put up and elect independent and progressive candidates in the mid-term congressional elections in 2006.

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